Carabella Resources Limited

Bluff Coal Company                                                            

The proposed project is a small, truck and excavator, open-cut operation with the potential of producing approximately one million tonnes of saleable PCI (Pulverised Coal Injection) coal each year. The Mining Lease (ML) area covers 1107ha and is located south east of the township of Bluff within the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland. The Capricorn Highway passes along the northern boundary of the proposed project running parallel to the Blackwater – Gladstone rail system.This is a low capital project with an estimated 10 to 15 year mine life with coal production planned from 2014 subject to the project receiving all necessary approvals.

Employment and Business Opportunities with Carabella Bluff Coal Mine



Cockatoo Coal

Baralaba Coal Mine


The Baralaba mine is located near the town of Baralaba in the south eastern limb of the Bowen Basin, Queensland.Production is from the well-known Rangal Coal Measures, and is exported from the Port of Gladstone. The mine lease sits within a wider 550km2 area of Cockatoo Coal exploration tenements that are expected to support an expanded 3.5Mtpa quarter has been recovered with 163, 971 tonnes of coal being sold in October.

Cockatoo Coal Employment and Business Opportunities