Yarrabee Open Cut Mine

"The Abooriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2013 (Qld) (ACHA) allows for different types of agreements for the management of cultural Heritage. Another key document that should be looked at in conjunction with the ACHA is the 'Dutiy of Care Guidelines'.

Part 7 provides for the development of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP).

We call this a Cultural Heritage Investigation Management Agreement (CHIMA), but this is in effect a CHMP under the ACHA.

A CHMP can be developed and gain approval under the ACHA

A voluntary CHMP:

"A person (a legal person can be an individual or a company) may, under this Act, develop and gain aprroval of a cultural heritag management plan even through there is no legal requirement for the plan." s83 of the ACHA.

A CHMP is required under the ACHA if:

  • An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is needed for a development project, ACHA s87;
  • Other environmental authroity needed, ACHA s88;
  • CHMP is reqSave and previewuired under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, ACHA s89;

GNP have entered into a Vonutary CHIMA with Cockatoo Coal Limited, signed off late in 2013 on Country, located 5km north west of Baralabar.

The Yarrabee Open Cut Mine is in the deveopment stage of an open cut coal mine.

As part of the CHIMA arrangements a coordinating committee has been establishe to oversee the management of GNP cultural heritage.

The GNP members of the coordinating committee are:

  • Rod Jarro
  • Lillian Harrison
  • Lyn Anderson
  • Roy Bob