Robert's Opinion

The Commonwealth Government through the Department of Social Services administers the Native TItle Program. This program, at its core, fund a national network of Native Title Representative Bodies (NTRB) or other Native Title Service Bodies (NTSB).

The Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs initiated a review of the role and functions of the NTRB ad NTSB. A Terms of Reference was issued, and Deloitte Access Economics were given the task of undertakeing the review. Just an observstion; the Native TItle Program has previously be administered by the Department of Social Services, yet Deloitte (an accounting firm) was given the task of doing the review (a western model of economic, social services and government support don't always mix well).

The review is now complete and the report has been released by Deloitte, it's call "Review of the Roles and Functions of Native Title Organisations" March 2014.

For further information you can go to the Department of Social Services web site.