Indigenous Land Use Agreement


Gaangalu Nation People


Origin Energy - Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG)  "Area B"

This is to provide an update on what is happening with the ORIGIN ILUA (I know its a long time since the Authorisation meeting in Rockhampton on the 3 August 2013).

On the 3 August 2013 at the Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, the Gaangalu Nation People authorised an ILUA for Area B with Origin Energy.

To lodge an application for an ILUA is very complex, requiring a lot of work and is very time consuming. Origin also had the responsibility to lodge the ILUA application with the NNTT, they did lodge it on the 30 January 2014.

The next stage in the process is the notification periord. A public notice is placed in newspapers at the nation, state and local levels. People have 3 months from the notification date (for the Origin ILUA the notification date is the 19 March 2014) to lodge an objection (see notice). All objections have to be lodged with NNTT by the 19 June 2014, not long to go and we will know if there is going to be any objections to the registration of the ILUA with the NNTT.

The NNTT then reviews any objections and the information and documents provided with the registration application, then makes a decision to register or not, the Origin ILUA.

The Origin ILUA was registered on the 30 June 2013 with no objections.