Short form agreement s23.3 Cultural Heritage Act

"The Abooriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2013 (Qld) (ACHA) allows for different types of agreements for the management of cultural Heritage. Another key document that should be looked at in conjunction with the ACHA is the 'Dutiy of Care Guidelines'.

Under Part 3 "Prptecton of Aboriginal cultural heritage"; Division 1 "Key Cultural heritage protection provisions"; Section 23.3 (a) (iii):

"Cultural heritage duty of care, A person who carries out an actity is taken to have complied with the cultural heritage duty of care in relation to cultural heritage if, the person is acting under a native title agreement or another agreement with an Aboriginal party, unless the Aborignal cultural heritage is expressly excluded from subject to the agreement...".

We call this a s23.3 'Another Agreement'.

The GNP have been managing cultural heritage in a contolled and coordinating way for the past 20 year. At all times we seek to undertake this management process in a comprehesive and professional way. To this end we have develed policies and procedures to acheive the best outcomes for GNP and the proponents.

We have develped and implemented our own policy on a s23.3 another agreement, this policy document sets out GNP position. In additional we have also developed a short form agreement that contitutes a s23.3 Another Agreement under the ACHAA.

We have also developed and use a short form agrreement that is used with propoents when a small cultural heritage assessment is required eg. exploration.

For more information about when a s 23.3 Another Agreement should be used, contact GNP .