Cultural Heritage Business

A Cultural Heritage Field Team in action

As with all traditional people cultural heritage is a very important part of Gaangalu life. In particular the protection of our cultural heritage in Gaangalu Country is a corner stone to our identity and maintaining who we are. Our children are the link to the future ensuring our cultural heritage is maintained.

It is one of our key role’s to preserve and protect our cultural heritage not only today but for our future. It provides a base foundation for us in a rapidly changing world and it should be recognised as an important part of the Gaangalu culture and life. It is our footprint in the sands of time.

Our culture, connect us to the past, to the very beginning of the world before it was given form by our creation beings in the time of the great dreaming of the Gaangalu People.

 We believe it is important for government, developers, industry and those who would want to develop and change our rich Gaangalu cultural and natural landscape should involve Gaangalu Nation People. in it protection and management. To this end we have developed a number of policies documents on a process to manage our Gaangalu cultural heritage when people are seeking to undertake activities in our traditional country. If you want to discuss this matter you can contact us by following this link to our contact details.