Gangulu Audit Skills Analysis Survey

Information Sheet

At present, there is no available data identifying personal contact details, educational levels, qualifications, schooling achievements and work experiences; that could be used to formulate a strategy Gangulu Education and Training plan which will assist present and future generations in achieving their personal goals.

The aim of the PROJECT isto improve skills, qualifications, increase employment opportunities and enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the Gangulu descendants from the Dawson and Callide Valleys region.

The Object is to conduct an Audit Skills Analysis survey of all GANGULU members to collect personal contact details and identify educational, training and employment aspirations. The survey will be conducted in focus workshops and/or one-on-one survey-using database Access program questionnaire. 

The workshop will be run over a couple of sessions in each location to encapsulate all Gangulu members.

This project commenced in OCTOBER 2012

The roll out of the survey will commence in Rockhampton/Mt Morgan/Gladstone, Blackwater/Woorabinda, Mackay, Brisbane, NT, Sydney and NSW.  There are members in Melbourne and Perth and other areas who can be posted the questionnaire.

The areas covered by the questionnaire include:

  • Confirmation of member’s personal contact details
  • Current job description;
  • Identify qualifications;
  • Identify Skills needed to perform the present job;
  • Identify work experiences;
  • Skills needed to perform other roles;
  • Future career aspirations;
  • The identification of prior learning; and
  • Agreed actions for future Educational and Training development

This survey is managed by Jambanga Palmtree Wutaru, which an innovative business concept dedicated to providing a wide range of educational and training services to the Gangulu people of the Dawson/Callide Valley region. Jambanga is a Sole Trader Education and Training business venture that is managed by Mr Phillip Toby.

Jambanga will act as a Broker in establishing partnerships with appropriate Training Providers and Employers.

Contact details

Phillip Toby; 145 Baccons Rd Banana Q 4702


Kim Toby; 9 Thompson Av, Mt Morgan Q 4714




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Audit Skills Survey Project Report

This reports covers the period from Friday 28 Sept 2012 to Sunday 14 Oct 2012.

Funds for this project was approved by the Gangulu Trust on 29 September with initial funds of $5000.00 for the first two weeks. 

Two workshops were held in Mt Morgan, Saturday 13 Oct 2012 and Rockhampton Sunday 14 Oct 10 2012.

17 attended Mt Morgan with 7 in Rockhampton.  However, these first workshops were used to gain contact details from family members and pass on forms to be collected at a later date.

Mackay is organised for 3 Nov 2012, Gladstone for the 11 Nov 2012, but will contact Annette Rutherford for numbers.  Also planned visits to Woorabinda and Blackwater in November.  Workshops are organised for Brisbane 25 Nov 2012 and Katherine 2 Dec 2012. 

The purpose of follow up meetings is to ensure all Gangulu members are covered and forms collected and additional documentation, such as, resume and copies of qualification/s.

There are four strategies in place to collect as much as possible in a short time frame with limited funds;

  1. Workshops
  2. Family meetings
  3. Door to door delivery of forms
  4. Collection of forms, phone calls, postages and/or collecting.

Data is also being collected and saved on computer and when personal files are completed will be filed.

Information can then be used, for example, resumes can be sent to QGC or SANTOS.

It is anticipated to complete part of the survey by mid Dec 2012.

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Oct. 30, 2012


If you want to be involved in the project contact Phillip or Kym.

Get involved !!!!!!

We will provide regular update, so stay in touch.